About us

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Extra Technologies, LLC is a business devoted to providing specialized Biological managed services with the intent to Bio-remediate agricultural and animal organic wastes, inorganic chemical fertilizer buildup to toxic levels in soil and water. The Company will offer liquid soil enhancers and organic composts that will not only increase crops for not less than 40%, in less time with less water, at less the cost of commercial chemical fertilizers, but all products will be "Organically grown".

COMPANY BACKGROUND: Extra Technologies, LLC was founded in 2004, as a business devoted to providing specialized waste management services with the intent to biologically remediate agricultural and animal organic waste into salable soil and water enhancers for crop production and soil and water detoxification.

MANAGEMENT: The Management of the Company is comprised of a number of qualified business and scientific professionals that have successfully developed a method of turning agricultural and animal organic wastes into cost effective biological organic compost for fertilizer replacements and bioremediation of toxic buildup in soil and water. Fallow land and water will be brought back to life, maintained and readied for multiple crop production. Extra Technologies, LLC has recruited a number of scientific and business professionals that will not only operate the business on a day to day basis, but will also provide oversight and strategic advice as the business progresses through its operations.

TECHNOLOGY/PROPRIETARY RIGHTS: Extra Technologies, LLC will develop a self contained biological and waste remediation facility that will use specifically developed proprietary bacterial blends, minerals, nutrients and enzymes as bioremediation methodology and technology to create saleable organic compost as a fertilizers replacement to enhance soil growth potential for a broad array of consumers worldwide. This facility constitutes the core elements of a support infrastructure for an industry that will enhance and support an agricultural waste and animal waste manure management program based on the application of naturally occurring and harvested bacteria, organics byproducts, and related minerals and nutrients to reduce, control and remediate the agricultural waste and animal manure into usable and viable byproducts that will enhance soil and water and bio-remediate toxic situations. The facilities would be providing services and products related to the remediation process, production and distribution of biological and organic byproducts. The related methodology and technology required in the remediation and conversion of agricultural waste and animal manure into beneficial and environmentally friendly products and byproducts such as: organic composts, soil enhancers, adjunct bacterial blends, biological supernatant liquids and nutrients as soil addendums and detoxifiers which when added to toxic soils, surface waters and lakes would convert organic and inorganic chemical waste buildup into viable nontoxic byproducts.